Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Let's Talk

Howdy People,

The bell sounds again for my Blog: Round 2! The Clearing heat is on this week as we prepare to be battered by calls, emails and chats. The exciting and assuring bit is that the new recruits have joined the ranks of the Clearing team and will surely provide much needed reinforcements for this period.

As usual my role and responsibility lies with the LiveChat Division which has proven to be such an engaging and interesting area to be involved in given the fact that you can experience chats that will range from people interested in applying for a programme with the university, to a random individual who once sang along (or rather chat along) and completed lines/lyrics from Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”.

More often a great number of chatters are concerned about queues on the telephone lines and worry that they wouldn’t be able to make a Clearing application. Good news is chatters can also make a Clearing application via LiveChat. Just ensure you have a valid UCAS ID before you decide to make an application.

So just visit www.gre.ac.uk and look out for the “Let’s Talk” option to speak with an operator. We’d be more than happy to assist you.

Finally here’s a tip for international applicants who sometimes are concerned about entry requirements or deadlines for 2013 intake, I’d recommend you have a look at these links which should provide you with relevant information as regards the requirements of the university from specific countries:

That’s all from me folks if you have any further enquiries we’d be willing to assist you via LiveChat or 020 8331 9000.

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