Friday, 9 August 2013

International Students

Hi guys,

As an International Student at the University of Greenwich, this post is dedicated to shedding some light on both the application and enquiry process for International Students. When I made my initial application, nearing two years ago, I received top-class assistance and advice from the university’s International correspondents who literally gave me the step-by-step details regarding the information and documents required, as well as the deadlines and installments due.

Firstly, applications can be made online via the UCAS Website (, or alternatively, directly to the university by following the link If you however require an application form, you can complete the online application process by following Please would you also make sure that you upload and detail all your academic qualifications, references, work experience or any other information that will be relevant and will supplement your application. Here is some information regarding International Applicants that I have received from my colleague in the Enquiry Unit:

1. The last date the International Office is able to issue offer letters for September 2013 intake is 9 August 2013

2. Pre-registration deposits for the September 2013 intake must reach the university by 16 August 2013.

3. September 2013 applicants must return their CAS checking sheet by 23 August 2013.

4. No CAS statements for the September 2013 intake will be issued after 28 August 2013.

Once you have been accepted, sorted out your VISA and deposits, I would strongly advise you to travel with the following information ON YOU (in your hand luggage preferably):
  1. Your CAS Statement, which clearly shows your CAS Number as well as the University’s name and the course you will be studying.
  2. An official letter of permission, signed by your parent/guardian, that’s if you are their dependent stating they are happy with you living and learning in the United Kingdom and you will be well catered for.
  3. A letter (or copy of) from the University of Greenwich which was the ‘Offer of Place’ to study.
  4. Details of where you will be staying, Address, Postcode and a contact number if possible.

The information I have provided above will be essential to insure that you pass through customs in the United Kingdom with no hassles.

Finally, heavy/reckless spending doesn't get you far in London, I can speak from experience! Budgeting will be mandatory to ensure that you have enough money for travel, bills, clothes, books and personal expenses for socialising and entertainment.

So yeah, good luck with your studies, KEEP CALM AND CHOOSE GREENWICH J.

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