Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Recruiting, Accommodation at Medway and Books!

It’s the end of August which means most of you have probably secured a place onto one of our courses by now! For those of you who are yet to secure a place…fear not…as Clearing runs right up until all of our courses are full (yep that’s right…even if this means until the end of the year…though I’m not encouraging any of you to wait this long!) We still have several undergraduate and post graduate courses available; Sports Science is just one of the courses we are most looking to fill! All applicants ‘in Clearing’ can apply for their desired course by ringing our Clearing hotline on 02083319000. All Post Graduate, Part time, EU and International applicants can apply directly to the university using our online application form which you can find using the following link:  

Those of you who have now secured a place at our university are most likely to be going through the online registration process. I have been receiving several calls about when and how to register. You should all be receiving a letter  about registration…those of you who are yet to receive it will probably receive it very soon so don’t panic! All the information about the registration procedure will be explained in the letter but if you are still left feeling rather confused with it all, you can always ring our clearing hotline to get a bit of help from one our very friendly team of Clearing staff! All information regarding the start of the academic year/ timetables will be communicated to you once you have completed registration!

Another call I have been receiving is regarding accommodation - although the rooms within the halls of residence at Avery Hill and Greenwich are either booked or currently under offer, there are rooms still available in the halls of residence on the Medway Campus (coaches do run at set times to and from all three of our campuses so you don’t have to be worried about being stranded on one campus!) Just follow the following link for more information regarding accommodation and coach services,

Another popular call I've had recently is regarding materials for university- there is no harm in you buying some books related to the course you are studying to better prepare you for what’s installed… but from experience, buying these books does make a big hole in our pockets! There is a library on all three campuses with thousands of books/journals you can make use of once you have fully enrolled to our university. (And just a little fact which might just reassure you that our libraries really do have everything you need to ace your study at our university…. at 184m long, the Drill Hall Library on the Medway Campus IS the longest library in Europe, with an extensive collection of books, 400 personal computers, training rooms and discussion spaces for students…so….definitely worth visiting don’t you think?)

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