Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Foundation Degrees

Hello Everybody!!

So the long (anxiously) awaited A-Level results day has finally passed! The stress of waiting has finished and you all have your results now J. The phones and the live chat service were extremely busy during results day but it has now quietened down, and we still have plenty of spaces left on various courses!

You can check the availability of our Undergraduate Programmes here:

And the availability of our Foundation Degrees here:

If you have not received the grades you were expecting, do not panic! There are still plenty of options for you. Our advisors at the Enquiry Unit will always do their best to give you alternative choices for courses or gaining entry.

We have many Foundation Degrees available from a variety of subjects, including:

FD Venue, Events & Hospitality Management
FdA Supporting Teaching & Learning
FdSc Digital Media Technologies
FdS Health and Social Care
FdSc Pharmaceutical Science

Foundation degrees are an excellent way of gaining entry into University and progressing onto an Undergraduate Degree. I also gained entry into University with a foundation degree as my A-Level results were slightly lower than I had expected. I then completed my Undergraduate and I am currently studying a Postgraduate degree J. It is also a great way to ease into the level of work expected at Universities so I would highly recommend it!

If you think that this is something you may be interested in, give us a call on 0208 331 8000.

Best Wishes!


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