Friday, 2 August 2013

Different alternatives through Clearing..

It’s that time of year again! The time of the year…when yes…you’re relieved exams are all over and a long (and this year exceptionally hot) summer has finally arrived... but it’s also the time of year you have an overwhelming feeling of stress, anxiety and panic now that Results day is just round the corner!

Results day for some of you may be one of the happiest days of your life, either you've met your predicted grades and have been guaranteed a place with the university of your choice or you may have exceeded your predicted grades and may be in the chance of getting into a better university through Adjustment. Others may not have quite met the requirements of their firm choice at university but have been offered a place at their insurance choice instead. But some of you may find yourself in a situation where you haven’t quite reached your predicted grades and so haven’t secured yourself a place at neither your Firm nor insurance choice university - this is where clearing plays a very important part!

I actually came to this university through Clearing… so I know exactly how it feels to go into school on results day; collect the envelope thinking you've done as well as you thought you did and then open the envelope to see something you were not expecting! Having experienced this myself, the first piece of advice I’d give you all is…whatever you do…DO NOT PANIC (like I did)!!! Stay calm and most importantly stay positive! Go to a place somewhere quiet, preferably where there is a computer with access to the internet and search through the list of universities/ courses available through Clearing. And once you have made your decision, make sure you get on the phone to your chosen universities straight away! And make sure you have your UCAS ID number and results at hand. Just like you, there will be millions of other students trying to secure themselves a place at university, so act fast (particularly if you know that the course you are hoping to study is one which is very popular amongst students). I must admit, I was a little nervous when I was making the calls, but I can rest assure you (after working as part of the Clearing team at the university) that we are actually very friendly, down to earth people!!!

If you meet the necessary requirements, depending on the course, you may be offered a place straight away! Alternatively, the Clearing team may make a Clearing application for you and pass it onto the school to make a decision! Some courses may involve an interview before the academics reach a decision. If you are not successful in making a clearing application for one particular course, open you mind to the possibility of studying an alternative course that you do meet the entry requirements for. If you are still not successful, don’t be disheartened! Keep going through the list of universities/courses under clearing on the UCAS website and don’t give up! Once you have made a clearing application, remember to check your emails regularly and check for updates on UCAS Track! The last thing you want is to be made an offer which you didn't accept before the deadline!

So all that’s left for me to say is GOOD LUCK and KEEP CALM at all times!!! J

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