Friday, 16 August 2013

The Clearing Process (in Layman’s terms)

The past couple of days since the release of the A level results have been quite interesting. There have been mixed emotions flying around the place – laughs, cries, disappointment, happiness, shock, etc. It got me thinking back to my time as a Clearing applicant, so I know exactly how people feel when they call up asking if there are any vacancies. I felt like I had good enough grades to get into any university I wanted but I still got rejected by a few (shocking). I wasn’t that great after all! L But hey, look at me now, I’m a graduate… hehe.

Anyway back to reality! Just to remind applicants that you cannot make a Clearing application if you are currently holding an offer or have been placed in a different university. We will not be able to see any of your details unless you are “IN CLEARING”. You will have to contact the university in which you have been placed and ask to be “RELEASED” into Clearing. Once you are in Clearing you can phone us back or go through our Live Chat system on our website to make you a Clearing application. It’s that easy. After your application has been sent off and a decision has been made (doesn’t take too long), you will either get an email, a phone-call or both, after which you will be given 24 hours to “REFER” yourself to us (University of Greenwich) by adding a Clearing choice on your UCAS Track. After this is done we will match your details on our system and you will be “PLACED” officially. Yay!

Remember, if you have any queries regarding Clearing or any other university related business, I and my awesome colleagues at the Enquiry Unit are always here to help you. We are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. You can chat with us via our website or if you prefer to speak to someone you can call us on 02083319000.



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