Monday, 5 August 2013

My top 5 calls

Hi all, This is my second official Blog…

Seeing how this is my first Clearing, I never realised how busy it could get! Over the last five days I have received over 300 calls and last Wednesday I received 80 calls about Clearing and general enquiries which I think is amazing! I have never received so many calls even with more people in the office.

Most of my calls have been regarding the schools of Health and Social Care and Education and its fascinating to see how many people want to become nurses and how many people want to teach. I guess it’s a bit inspiring as over the phone so many enquirers are really passionate about studying these courses which range from PGCE Primary and Adult Nursing.

Top 5 Calls
I would like to share with you some of the calls that I receive and how I answer them:

There is an Open Day organised for the 17th August, at the moment this is meant to be a smaller Open Day, specifically for applicants applying/thinking of applying through Clearing or applicants starting with us in September.

Speech and Language Therapy, PGDip: The deadline for January 2014 start was 1st July, however if you would like to apply now for this programme it is for the January 2015 intake.

All Nursing courses are funded by the NHS for home students.

During Clearing, our INTERNATIONAL students can apply using our online application form: unless they already hold current and valid UCAS account.

If you want to do a PART TIME undergraduate course or a Post-graduate course, you do not need to go through UCAS/GTTR, and these are not available for application during Clearing. You would need to make an application for these via our website at:  (click on the online application link). There is no deadline as such for these courses, but we do recommend you apply as soon as possible!

I hope this helps, but stay tuned into my next blog where I will reveal my next 4 top calls :)


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