Monday, 8 July 2013

Useful email addresses

Hi all, This is my first official Blog Ever!!! And the first time I’m writing for the 2013 Clearing Diary, so I’m going to start with a bang LOL.

Since Clearing has started I've had over 100 calls and I do my best to answer them effectively and efficiently at the same time but with all the calls I've had to realise that if you are ever in doubt about the status of your application or your having issues with UCAS, DON’T hesitate to give us a call at the Enquiry Unit (0208-3331-9000) as we are here to help you and put your mind at ease. We can find out the status of your application, we can help you if you’re a postgraduate or part-time student applying on our website ( and if you're stuck; trust me the list goes on and on and on but here at the Enquiry Unit we don’t mind what your enquiry is and in my case I’m just happy to help as I know that times like this can be stressful as you await whether you have got into university as I was in your position 2 years ago, it sounds sooooooo long ago as I write this but I understand which is why I do my best to help as much as I can.

Top 3 Calls 
I would like to share with you some of the calls that I recieve and how I answer them:

If you need to send your qualifications or certificates to the University of Greenwich, the email address that you will need is ( You should include photocopies of your certificates/qualifications; Hardcopies are a big No No!

If someone wants to apply to Adult Nursing for a September 2013, sadly this course is full even in Clearing so what you would need to do is apply in September when UCAS opens again for the March 2014 or September 2014 intake.  You can start your application now but you won’t be able to submit it till mid-September.

If you have a conditional offer with us but you no longer want to accept the place you can email in to us asking us to decline the place ( Make sure that you include your personal info and your ID number.

I hope this helps, but stay tuned into my next blog where I will reveal my next 5 top calls :)


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