Thursday, 25 July 2013

Unexpected Journey

Hi everyone,

Whoa, reading the advice my colleagues have given you guys has given me some tough acts to follow! So you know what, I won’t follow and instead leave a trail ; )

I am being cheeky because I kind of borrowed a line from Ralph Waldo Emerson, the quote being, ‘Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail’ However, I think for people attending university and especially for those applying through clearing this saying is particularly relevant.

During main cycle applicants may choose universities because that is where their friends are going or choose subjects because that is what their friends are studying. Yes I know I made a sweeping statement, but as the legendary Bob Marley sang, if the cap fits where it … and by default if it does not, then we’re all good ; ) However, what is not sweeping is that clearing is a lottery and can be daunting because you literally do not know where you will end up or what course you will be studying! The path is not clear and it is for you to create that trail.  

But that is also the beauty of Clearing and also a reality of life. The beauty is you have another opportunity to attend university, so please don’t be daunted by the prospect, embrace it, shop around and ‘keep your head up’ (a little Tupac) even if the ‘shopping’ is not going as well as hoped! As for reality, many of you are in clearing because you missed getting the results required for your firm or insurance offers. Sometimes life means we have to adapt to circumstances that were not our ideal scenarios and it is having the ability to respond to difficult situations that actually helps shape you. Yes I am talking from experience, but the least said on my hectic life, the better ; )

So I suppose what I am saying is that in addition to all the excellent information my colleagues have given you, stay calm in Clearing and keep everything in perspective. Good luck : )

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