Friday, 5 July 2013

Calling all mature students …….. It’s never too late!

Laura C
Clearing 2013 has officially begun! Many people associate clearing and university applications with students who have just completed their A Levels/BTECs but it’s also for mature students!

The majority of older generations have the belief that they have missed their chance to pursue the career they've always wanted but our answer is it’s never too late!

Going straight into a three year degree is not the only way to gain a degree! There are other ways of getting the career you’ve always wanted:

  • HNC/HND – these qualifications are Higher National qualifications that can be taken as a stepping stone onto a degree programme. If you pass your HNC/HND at the required pass mark, you can continue onto the degree programme relevant to you HNC/HND. With some of the HNC/HND’s you can even get direct entry to the second or third year of the degree!
  • Foundation Degrees – a foundation degree is equivalent to the first two years of a full three year degree. If you have passed with the required pass mark and would like to top up your foundation degree to a full three year degree, you can gain direct entry to the final year of the degree!
  • Extended Degree – an extended degree is a four year degree instead of three. The first year of the four years is considered as “year zero” where you will gain foundation knowledge of the subject area to prepare for the next three years.

All of these routes can allow you to gain a degree and even continue onto postgraduate study!
The best bit is………University of Greenwich has these qualifications available with some of them STILL available through clearing!

So if you’re a mature student and are thinking about getting a degree but not sure about you’re options, you can have a look on our website on or give us a call on 02083319000 and we can help advise you J

And mature students don’t forget you can still be eligible for student finance! Go to the student finance England website where there is a calculator to see what you could be eligible for on

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