Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Daily question challenge

It’s my first time working at Clearing and my first day of work was on Monday 1st July 2013 which included learning about the systems and procedures compulsory for this period. At first it felt like it was a lot to take in, but I guess that was just nerves because I did not want to make a mistake, especially on an application. However, after putting what I learnt to use this was no longer the case.

By day four of Clearing I was used to the structure and the procedures that must be adhered too. I kind of have a habit of asking too many questions and I hope it’s not too much at times for everyone. I think just being reassured by another person helps me stop second guessing myself. Hopefully by the 15th July, all the questions I will have asked will become very useful. Plus I am going to set a personal target for the maximum number of questions I ask in a day to a maximum of ten.

When making my first clearing application I was nervous and happy at the same time. For the reason that I did not want any errors to appear on the submission and I was cheerful because I was making my first ever clearing application. After inputting all the information required, the next step was to have the request approved by a supervisor and to finish, the form was sent to the school for a decision to be made. It was great contributing in some way to helping someone a step closer to reaching their goal which was fantastic.

A new week begins and I decide to officially start my daily question challenge. As the clearing days continue I am becoming even more confident with the procedures. So far during day one of the challenge I have asked seven non-application check questions. Day two I asked eight questions and yes I know it is one more than day one.

It’s now Wednesday 17th July and I feel making an aim to not ask a certain number of questions was actually really helpful. I noticed at the end of the day I had asked five non-application check questions. The questions included whether the education department accepted IGCSE’s in place of GCSE’s for PGCE primary and graduation times. In addition to writing this blog I have learnt more than I thought I did.

As a result of setting this personal challenge for myself I have decided to continue with the task because it has actually become a very useful for me.

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