Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Summer and Results

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and beautiful weather so far. We have long waited for the summer and it is finally here, just like results day will be in a few weeks. So why not be prepared, beforehand?

Having experience working on two results days, I can tell you it can be extremely busy, so why not have a checklist for yourself or have a few different courses to fall back on. For example if the program you wish to apply to is not available or unfortunately you do not meet the requirements for that particular course, you can always ask to check for another course.

Or if you have applied to a course within our university and have been made unsuccessful for this academic year, not to worry, you can still apply to a similar course. This applies to most courses expect for the nursing programs, where you can still apply for the next academic year for the intake in March 2014 in September 2013 through UCAS.

So why not head to where you can browse through a list of available courses and select either the undergraduate or foundation section. Once you have selected your course you can see the list of modules you would be studying for the duration of your entire degree, to provide you enough information to select a course that best suites yourself. For the most up to date information on availability of courses, you can contact us on 020 8331 9000.

If you applied through the main cycle of UCAS and have received feedback from us, regarding UCAS points, for example you could look further into our foundation degrees, extended degrees or HNC/HND which generally ask for lower UCAS points. All these qualifications can take you towards completion of an undergraduate degree.

Wish you guys all the best on your results and just to remind you we are always only a call or chat away  =)

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