Monday, 15 July 2013


Hey everyone,

This is my first blog for the clearing diary and also my first blog ever, so here goes.

Clearing? Never had much knowledge about it prior to working with the Enquiry Unit and this meant a lot of things would seem all strange or brand new. But then this is entirely what typifies my approach to life i.e. embracing new challenges even if I have no clue about it.

First few weeks in the clearing season have gone pretty smoothly for me owing to the awesome assistance and seamless collaboration from the entire team. I believe that’s the winning formula for any team or unit, where everyone contributes immensely without hoarding anything that would take things to the greater levels.
Simply put, there is no “I” or “Me” in this system there is only “We” and “Team” and the reason is quite simple:

“I” = Isolation
“Me” = Morbid End
“We” = Winning Edge
“Team” = Together Everyone Achieves More

This attitude and mentality of the entire unit has eased my transition from the phone hotlines to the chat division. The switch didn't feel or seem much different except for the beautiful beats created by fingers on the constantly smacking the keyboard in response to the ever demanding questions from our applicants. If you ever wanted a way of improving your people skills, then chat is where you need to be!

The whole concept of “you cannot please everyone” just doesn't exist here. You just have to find a way around the impossible and please everyone. 

So how do I handle cases of bad news or stuff applicants might not want to hear? Do you lie? Absolutely not, it’s about the truth as always but I believe you have to find awesome ways of delivering it and making everyone a winner by suggesting new routes and viable solutions to problems. Everybody should leave the chat happy. If you ever run short of ideas or ways of dealing with difficult situations, you still have your TEAM to fall back on always.

So if you are not comfortable with calling us via 0208 331 9000, our dedicated team is still available to work with you through the chat system on (just click the little pop-up on the bottom right corner of your screen and start the chat”)



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