Friday, 12 July 2013

Live Chat

Hello all!

This is my first blog for the Clearing diary 2013! I cannot believe that this is my fourth year working during clearing… I am getting old!

Today is the first day when all of the early clearing team are working, so it’s a brilliant time to call us with any questions about the university and the clearing process! It is also a great time for me as I get to catch up with all of my work friends and colleagues.

My job at the moment is currently working on LiveChat – if you visit our website between Monday to Friday (9-5pm) you will notice a chat option pop up on the right hand side of your screen! If you decide to use this option, which I would definitely recommend, you will be chatting with members of the trained Enquiry Unit team! So it is a great (and cheaper!) way to ask questions quickly and speak to the team directly about anything concerning the university.

The chat system is also excellent as we are able to make applications for clearing over Chat! If you are a little bit phone shy like myself Chat is a great way to contact us. Particularly during the period when A-level results are announced and the phone lines become busy Chat is another way of processing applications and jumping the queue…so spread the word J Just bear in mind that applying over chat is the same as applying over the phone i.e. you will need to have a clearing reference number from UCAS or GTTR or alternatively have your id number and have no offers with universities, and have no pending qualifications.

So come on chat with us now!

Blaze J

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