Friday, 6 September 2013

One door closes, another will open.

Clearing is not over yet, but today will be the last day of the entire Main Clearing Team, who consisted of seven teams over the last month. This included emailers, chatters and telephone advisers that have assisted you through your stressful time, hopefully making it more manageable and supported you in making your decisions for your future. There are still courses available and we will still be here from the usual time from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm to answers your questions and provide guidance on 0208 331 9000 so why not give us a call today?

If you guys are still looking for courses for this year, one of the best things to do, is have a look into the area of that course, for example a business degrees has many different options. Such as Business with Marketing, therefore if that particular course is not available have a try in a similar area. Why not try doing a course search on UCAS’s website? Or Whatuni? One of my personal motto’s are ‘it’s never too late’ this has got me through some hard times, there is always more than one door. May take a little longer but who is counting, the end result is the key not how you got there, but that you are where you want to be J.

Through the last two months I have spoken to many people that have accumulated incredible amounts of experience in a particular area, Clearing may have not accommodated to your needs. However in the main cycle of UCAS or online applications on our website, (if your applying as a part-time or international student). We take experience into consideration as we understand everyone has their different routes and paths. 

If you have not had much luck during the last month why not look into doing another qualification to boost up your grades or your another qualification to get onto the course that you have your mind and heart is on, a year or two is not a long time away, it will fly by, it sure did for myself.

We are here all year around as course enquiries and to stay in touch with us why not join us on our social media pages below:

Our Twitter account – @UniofGreenwich

From all of us here we wish everyone the best! For the September starters hope packing and shopping is treating you well. Those that are searching for a college course this September it will be your time soon enough, your hard work definitely will pay off just bare that in mind and we will see you soon on campus next year.

Until next year!

Binal J

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